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28 February, 2022

Loan Orgination System

Legislative reform has triggered convergence and consolidation in the lending industry, making it increasingly difficult for banks, credit unions and other financial institutions to effect sustainable revenue streams. With stakes this high, lenders must evaluate way to refine their processes and to mitigate regulatory compliance and operational risk. The availability of credit has created a need to optimize lending operations and reduce cycle times to ensure the highest return on origination investments. Since borrowers expect to receive loan options, approvals and documentation in minutes as opposed to days, being nimble means not losing valuable time during the origination process. Our loan origination software and services let you manage more loans with fewer resources by automating workflows, tracking documents and integrating paper-free processing. With the breadth and depth of services and a significant share of the lending market, Fiserv has developed technology options that help banks, credit unions and mortgage originators of any size reduce costs, generate e revenue, stay focused in an increasingly competitive landscape, and maximize return on technology investments.

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