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28 February, 2022

QR and POS Solutions

Over the past few years a lot of people have moved on to the cashless payment methods using debit and credit cards. However, this method of cashless electronic payment transaction has strings attached in terms of cost of owning and running the card swipe machines and transaction fees. Payment players has taken another step to encourage digital payments and has simplified things for merchants and for the customers by launching the QR Code. QR is a more streamlined system which will reduce technological problems and people will not suffer from card loss or card expiry problems. It is the easiest method of payment for users. Scanning the QR code through your mobile will help in transferring money from one source to another. Payments made through QR code will directly get transferred to the bank accounts unlike other digital wallets where payments are received from emails or SMS. However, consumers are constantly connected, more discerning and eager to save time. They expect absolute efficiency from merchants at every stage of their journey and the flexibility to purchase anytime, anywhere, from any device. Smart Android Terminals offer the widest range of smart terminals, which combine cutting-edge technologies with the highest security requirements and can be paired with POS management services. Compliant with all local regulations, they enable all cashless payment methods and cater for any industry.

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