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28 February, 2022


DJX unites the world’s most trusted, premium information suite—Factiva, Risk and Compliance, Private Equity Venture Capital and Dow Jones Newswires—to power critical, time-sensitive business decisions. Dow Jones is known for a network of top journalists around the world, publishing thousands of daily news items for every market, region and asset class, at a level of quality not found anywhere else. DJX combines this original content with thousands of hand-selected, licensed publications, trusted data sets and research sources to create profiles, reveal trends and show relationships between millions of companies, people, industries, deals, risks and opportunities world-wide.

Featured Services

QR and POS Solutions

Over the past few years a lot of people have moved on to the cashless payment methods using debit and credit cards. However, this method [...]


AML Solutions

Rapidly increasing risk combined with evolving government regulations requires an advanced strategy when it comes to monitoring [...]

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